MASS Toilets

An “In-expensive” toilet for 3rd world countries. I call it the MASS toilet, acronym for: (Materials Available Sanitation System). The Eppivent is a fancy toilet, by comparison. Alternatively, the MASS is our plain toilet, made from materials readily on-site most places in the world.

Materials Needed

  • Bucket or bucket/ferro-cement
  • Thick plastic, double lined walls for “tanks”
  • Separate bowl/pan insert (hangs in from pedestal of bucket or hard material for pedestal.
  • PVC 4” drain pipe fittings for tailpiece
  • Vent pipe 2 “ hose or 2” PVC, Power, less battery back up, smaller panel 
  • OR, like the Gendarme, strong agent and deo blocks w no venting)R Venturi only.
  • Wire or mesh for ferro-cement
  • Inexpensive ceramic pedestal, cut hole straight down! Then attach tailpiece.

In regards to tanks, we have fancy and plain:

  1. Plastic tanks factory made, and
  2. “Tanks” made of heavy plastic drop sheets.

Cost of Materials

 The below figures are materials ONLY, and DO NOT include and entrepreneurial profit or any installation costs.

$400 Toilet (no vent), how about calling it …?????“Gendarme 400”?????

  1.          *$5      Bucket (pedestal)
  2.          $20      Seat and lid
  3.         *$30    pvc 110mm pipe fittings (2) to make tail piece                   
  4.          $40      Plastic sheets, 4M x 4M, heavy thickness, Two (2 sheets) (makes tank)
  5.          $30      Plastic sheets, 3M x 3M, heavy thickness, Two, bio-filter tank
  6.          $70      Lids for tanks, being 9, 25 pound, bags concrete, chicken wire and rebar
  7.          $30      Pump, flush (pvc 110mm pipe, end caps, rubber washers, handle, fittings)
  8.          $30      Pump, Agitator (same as above)
  9.          $40      Pipe and fittings as needed
  10.          $50      Miscellaneous
  11.         *$70    Pan/bowl insert, made from large pvc pipe fittings (8 x 6 & a 6 x 4)           

            $415    TOTAL, without exhaust vent

            $665     Total with solar powered vent and 4 days storage battery back up

*Items not needed if use fiberglass pedestal & pan in their place($105).

Profit & Installation

 With $415 materials costs and $160 profit and $100 installation and $25 for travel, the cost is $700.  Still is not a “cheap toilet”!  By the way, add good finished ferrocement around the bucket and it is much more attractive or make pedestal of wood and finish nicely—looks much better and adds only $25 or so more to the price.

 Franchisees and Associates.

Venting options

[solar or regular electric]

*)         $250    Solar powered exhaust vent, (30 watt solar panel, charge controller,

                        two 12 Volt storage batteries, DC fan, fittings, vent pipe


**)       $65      Electric powered exhaust vent, (fan, fittings, vent pipe)

With solar powered vent the TOTAL is$565 and with regular electric vent the

TOTAL is $480,   respectively, ??“Eppivent 565” and ??“Eppivent 480”??