Practical Ideas for a Better World

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IDEA:  Recipe for Hope

The goal is to End Poverty (at least 80% or more of it) by creating the economic conditions that enable families to have more money to spend and thereby move out of poverty into the working class.  Author believes there is no good reason for widespread poverty existing in the world—no reason for having entire countries be extremely poor.  All that is lacking is political will to change it.

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IDEA:  Girls Education

The writer points out the large hidden costs to a community or country for not educating its girls and enumerates the specific benefits the community gains when it educates its girls.  By many criteria, educating girls gives more “bang for the buck” than educating boys.  The writer aims to set forth the rudimentary aspects of a practical plan so others can see it is possible and adapt it as needed and then actually start a school for girls in their community.

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